How to do “Parvatasana”? |How to do “Mountain Pose” and its benefits

How to do “Parvatasana”? |How to do “Mountain Pose” and its benefits
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Parvatasana (Mountain Pose)

In this asana body shapes like a shape of a mountain that is two arms join at a point in top with broad base. Therefore, it is called Parvatasana.

Parvatasana, Mountain Pose

TECHNIQUE of doing Parvatasana:

1-Sit in initial relaxation position with legs apart, hands behind, neck relaxed & eyes closed.

2-Bring right leg in the center then left leg in the center hands side of the body back straight.

3-now fold right leg vertically then horizontally catch hold right leg toes with left palm & heel by right palm twist it & place it over the left thigh. & Repeat with another leg.

4-Hands in namaste position four fingers together, thumbs apart slight pressure on respective palms slight distance between thumb & chest, elbows parallel to the floor.

5-Now straighten hands vertically when they reached above the forehead bring them back & above the crown of the head.

6-From then straighten arms, arms should touch both ears respectively.

7-Close the eyes & do prandharna(Focusing on breath).

DURATION: 10 to 15 breaths & as per your capacity.

Benefits of Parvatasana

(Mountain Pose)

1-In this asana spine gets a full pleasurable stretch. Due to this nerves & muscles associated with it also get stretched & blood circulation in this area gets improved.

2-Chest muscles also get stretched & due to which blood circulation in this area improved & it increases Lung capacity. Breathing rate improves. It is more beneficial to asthmatic people.

3-It acts as a good preparatory practice for pranayama.

4-Unnatural curvature of the spine & minor displacement of vertebrae is corrected.

4-It is very beneficial to adolescent girls. The stunted development of the bust is corrected by daily practice of this asana & breast attains a proper tone. Saggy breasts are lifted up.Because of this reason, it is also beneficial to women after delivery.

5-Because of stretching of the spine this asana is helpful for children of growing age to gain height.

6-In this asana “hypotonicity” or “hypertonicity” of chest muscles is corrected & they regain normal tone.


1-People with frozen shoulders should consult and follow the doctor’s advice.

2-Those Having hunched back or shoulder pain then only do it under expert guidance.

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