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Following are the basic Rules of the Yogic practice

1. SEAT: Perform your practices on a carpet covered with a

a clean piece of cloth.

2. CLOTHING: Should be clean, minimum, loose and light.

3. FOOD: -After a heavy meal(Lunch/Dinner) At least 4 and half hours should elapse between a

and Yogic practices. 2 and Half hours should elapse after Breakfast/snack and 1 hour after taking liquids in moderate amounts. In other words, Yogic practices

must be performed with an empty or light stomach. A moderate

quantity of food can be had half an hour after practice.

4. TIME Morning or evening time is preferable for the practices.

However, as an exception, Yoga can be practised at any

convenient time with a light stomach.

5. BATH: If the Yogic practices are performed in the morning, it is

desirable that a full bath should precede them. However, this is not a must.

6. AS PER CAPACITY:- Always practice as per capacity or slightly below the capacity to avoid any injuries


Important points to Yoga Practice
  1. BREATHING: Breathing should normally be through the nose and it should be normal & natural.2. CONSCIOUS DIFFERENTIAL RELAXATION: Observe and follow

2. The principle of Conscious Differential Relaxation (CDR)i.e. consciously relaxing the physical parts and mental faculties which are not directly involved in the practice. Thus, minimise your efforts in all practices. Long and regular practice of Conscious Differential Relaxation (CDR) will lead to Unconscious Differential Relaxation (UDR).

3. PRANADHARANA: Immediately after assuming the final stage of any Asana, close the eyes and take your mind away from it and be aware of the breath i.e. engage the mind in Pranadharana. This meditational part is more significant for achieving desired benefits from Yogabhyas.

4. SAHAJATA: Relaxation, ease and comfort are the soul of Yogabhyas. By doing Yoga Sadhana, the person should get the experience of physical and mental happiness. Hence, perform all practices slowly, smoothly and without any violent action. The strain of any kind should be avoided. Do not try to achieve the ideal final stage of Yogic practices by over-stepping your capacity. Do not use competitive spirit or force in performing the practices.

5. RETENTION: Retention of the final stage of Asana is more important than its rounds. However, the final body pattern, duration of retention in the final posture and number of its rounds should all be according to your capacity. Never exceed your capacity.


1. Do not indulge in Yogic practices indiscriminately. Follow only those practices which have been outlined for you. Keep in mind that Yogic practices contra-indicated for you should not be practised.

2. Perform Yogic practices while you are in a calm and pleasant mood. If you are upset physically or mentally, try to come to a normal state by sitting quietly or going into Chaitanyasana (Shavasana) before you start the practices.

3. Do not practise to the point of fatigue. By Yogabhyas, one should feel more energetic. However, if you feel tired, stop and practise Chaitanyasana and be fresh before you restart.

4. There is no harm in performing the Yogic practises and other physical exercises successively. However, both should not be mixed up or practised immediately after another. At least, 10 to 20 minutes should be allowed to pass in between so that the objectives of both can be achieved.

5. Do not forget that health depends on five main factors viz. Genetic Endowments (आनुवंशिकता) Environment (परिस्थिति), Intake of food, thoughts, emotions, etc. Activities of all kinds ( विहार) and Rest ( विश्राम ). Yoga influences the last three factors beneficially. Hence, adopt Yoga as a way of life and practise it regularly as per your capacity and needs throughout your life.

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