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  • I started learning yoga when I was 5. Since then there is no going back. Its been nearly a decade ago. Now, I aim to make this knowledge reach to the masses in a fun way. I make yoga easy and interactive. It not only gives you peace of mind but also boosts energy and creativity in you. I have experience of  10 years of Yoga teaching. 
  • In my teaching journey, I have met thousands of people who got benefitted from our Yoga sessions. In this “digital generation”, we must update ourselves to make the most of the opportunities we are getting offered Come let’s learn together and change the world!

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While most of the world and trainers in the Yoga field are more towards Asana and flexibility, I am well experienced in more of the core Yogic practices like Meditation, Relaxation, and Healing mentally and Emotionally. I can proudly say that I have healed many extreme cases of Depression, tension, and anxiety disorders by Yogic methods. After having such a vast experience in Yogic Therapy we have expertise in the “Yoga Teachers Training Course” which is a modern and special course integrated which no other institute offers currently. I would encourage you all to go through those courses and increase your strength of knowledge.

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